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My neighbor's lawn fixture made it impossible for me to sleep

Aug 05, 2023

A NEIGHBOR dispute over a floodlight has sparked a serious spat between two residents.

David Thorne decided to take action after becoming fed up by the new light his neighbor had installed.

Thorne opted to make his neighbor aware of his concerns by leaving a note in his mailbox, as well as moving the floodlight.

"Due to your new terawatt flood light shining through our bedroom window like a small but intense sun, I have removed your lamp and placed in your letterbox," he wrote in the letter, which was published by Distractify.

Thorne left his email, as well as a silly drawing of the floodlight in the mailbox.

His neighbor, Justin Flecker, was not amused.

Flecker emailed Thorne back accusing him of trespassing on his property. He explained that he needed the floodlight for security and told Thorne to get a pair of curtains if the light was too much for him.

However, curtains were not the issue. According to Thorne, he had already done what he could to keep the light out to no avail.

"While I accept that curtains are usually the key to community accord, in this instance they would need to be constructed of eight-inch-thick lead sheeting," Thorne wrote in response.

"Last night, with my curtain closed and bedside light off, I read a book. Wearing sunglasses. Under a blanket," he sarcastically wrote.

He then went on to mock Flecker's need for security and said he was going to put out poisonous gas with an industrial fan outside of his yard, for his own security.

"I can't help it if some of the gas goes across the road," he said, referencing the floodlight shining across the street into his window.

Flecker did not find any of this email funny, and could not believe his neighbor was being this difficult.

"We lived here five years before you even moved into the neighborhood and got along perfectly with Ryan who lived at your property before you. We went to his BBQ's and I loaned him our mower."

The next day, Flecker would walk into his yard and realize his floodlight was missing again.

Knowing the issues he had with his neighbor, he emailed him again to accuse him of stealing.

"Did you take our lamp again a**hole? What part of not being allowed on our property don't you get?" Flecker wrote.

However, Thorne insisted that he didn't steal but instead "relocated" the lamp.

Begrudgingly, Flecker had enough and decided to make a change to resolve the issue.

"I put a smaller lamp in so you can shut the f*ck up now. Don't email me again and if you ever trespass on our property again I will press charges," he emailed back.

After a few more notes back and forth, Flecker told Thorne to "F*ck off back to Australia."