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First GaAs tunnel diodes on the market

Jun 14, 2023

GALLIUM arsenide tunnel diodes announced by Texas Instruments are the first commercially available gallium arsenide devices in the world.

So, 63 years ago, started a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of October 12, 1960

The story continues:

They represent a major breakthrough in the provision of what has been described as the “ideal”material to take full advantage of the tunnel diode theory.

These new diodes are already in full production in the US and are being imported into thiscountry. Manufacture will be undertaken here if demand, or defence requirements justify it. Initial deliveries of the units have already been made to customers.

Four types have been announced known as the IN650 series. They have very high peakto valley ratios greater than 15:1, and high temperature operation up to 150 degrees C.

They have been designed for specific application in high speed computer circuits.

Announced at the same time as the tunnel diode are extensions to the Texas rectifier range, two silicon photovoltaic light sensors, and three new Mesa germanium transistors for computer use.

David Manners