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Traffic on lower Cranberry warrants parkway signal, PennDOT says

Jul 02, 2023

A planned traffic signal on the Bayfront Parkway at Cranberry Street will help drivers and pedestrians access and cross the highway, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials said in an update on project plans.

In addition to the traffic signal, PennDOT plans to install countdown signals, painted crosswalks and lighting for pedestrians in 2024. Construction additionally will include accessible curb ramps and some sidewalk replacement and paving on Cranberry Street.

About 16,000 vehicles travel the Bayfront Parkway near Cranberry Street daily. About 5,000 vehicles daily use Cranberry Street near the parkway, according to a May 2022 traffic study done at the city's request.

"This volume of traffic can make it difficult for traffic on Cranberry Street to turn onto the Bayfront Parkway, especially westbound during peak travel times. It also presents challenges to pedestrians attempting to cross the parkway to access the Bayfront Multimodal Trail, and the nearby Frontier Park and waterfront," Tom McClelland, assistant district executive for design in northwestern Pennsylvania, said in a statement.

There is a stop sign on Cranberry Street at the parkway.

The need for a signal and other improvements at the intersection was raised as PennDOT planned parkway improvements between Sassafras Street Extension and Holland Street, McClelland said.

"During the design phase for the Bayfront Parkway Central Corridor Project we heard from many people who were concerned about this intersection, including the city," McClelland said. "Because it was outside the scope of that project, we handled it through a separate analysis as we continue to seek ways to improve connectivity between the city and the waterfront."

The traffic light will stop vehicles on the parkway only when vehicles are stopped on Cranberry Street waiting to turn onto the parkway, McClelland said. A left-turn arrow will accommodate westbound traffic turning onto Cranberry Street from the parkway.

Construction at the intersection is expected in 2024 and will take about three months to complete.

Project plans are posted on the PennDOT District 1 website at 1.

The announcement:New traffic signal planned on Erie's Bayfront Parkway

The department has received a number of comments on the plans and will continue to accept comments on the website until Sept. 7, McClelland said. Comments can also be directed to PennDOT Project Manager Kevin Miller at [email protected] or 814-678-7086.

"We hope people will look at the plans and give feedback about their experience driving or walking from Cranberry Street to the Bayfront Parkway and how this can improve that," McClelland said.

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