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How You Can Create A Plant Canopy In Your Own Home

Jul 09, 2023

While always a popular addition to rooms, plants, and greenery are having a particular moment in interiors of the past decade, serving as a way to bring the outdoors in and liven up even the most boring boxy rooms. With the ruse of the popular #jungalow hashtag and biophilic design movements — as well as styles like cottagecore, farmhouse, and boho — all of which love greenery, most homes can be found sporting some sort of lush plant life. If you're looking for a cool way to bring some outdoor greenery into your bedroom, you might want to create a dreamy plant canopy over your bed. Not only is it fairly easy to do, but you can enjoy all the usual benefits of plants in terms of circulation of oxygen, filtration, and well-being while also feeling like you're sleeping in a forest every single night.

The look can be created with a variety of hanging, vine-like plants, including pothos and philodendron cordatum, which are popular choices for draping around beds and frames. Ideally, the variety of plants will be able to withstand and stay intact via riggings for winding and hanging, but also will not be damaged by occasionally getting brushed and jostled. If your room lacks light or a good growing environment, you can also create a similar look using artificial vines and greenery, either made from silk or plastic, whose upkeep only requires occasional dusting.

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For real plants, you can approach it from a bottom-up or top-down approach, allowing your plant to climb from the floor or nearby surface or placing plants high and allowing them to drape down. Either way, you will want to make sure plants are irrigated soundly and can be watered and cared for without getting water and dirt on the bed itself. For real plants, you can wind them along the existing bed frame with jute twine, clear fishing line, or florist wire. You can also use small command hooks to guide their path.

For faux vines and plants, you can also use a staple gun to adhere the plants to the ceiling to create a sense of ceiling canopy of greenery, allowing some to hang down. If you lack a bed frame with a canopy, other approaches include creating a ceiling-level shelf above the head of the bed and allowing plants to drape down onto a headboard. You can also hang lightweight bamboo poles from ceiling hooks at the sides or end of the bed to provide a framework for draping plants.